Amazon Tells Small Publishers It Will Stop Selling Their Books If They Join Apple

jeffbezos screaming tbi

Amazon is turning up the heat on small publishers to keep them out of Apple’s iBookstore.

According to a report in Publishers Marketplace (via Daring Fireball) Amazon is telling smaller publishers it will stop selling their books altogether if they join Apple:

At least one independent publisher of scale was told categorically by Amazon in a recent phone call initiated by the etailer that Amazon would not negotiate agency selling terms with any other publishers outside of the five initial Apple partners. This publisher was told that if they switched to an agency model for ebooks, Amazon would stop selling their entire list, in print and digital form. In conversation, Amazon is said to have reiterated that as matter of policy they are declining to negotiate an agency model with any publisher outside of the five who have already announced agreements with Apple’s iBookstore.

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