Here’s One Major Advantage Amazon’s Tablets Will Have Over The iPad

Jeff Bezo Amazon Tablet

Last week we learned from BGR that Amazon’s upcoming tablets will come in both 7 and 10-inch models.

Now reports are coming out about pricing, and it’s a lot better than what Apple has to offer with the iPad.

The 7-inch tablet will cost $349 and the 10-inch tablet will cost $449. Unlike most iPad competitors, it looks like Amazon is looking at a cheaper pricing structure which should help it compete. (Assuming the specs are as good as we hear.)

The pricing rumours come from PC Mag, which has sources close to the issue in Taiwan.

It makes sense. Amazon is known for offering great hardware and software at affordable prices. (Like the $114 ad-supported Kindle and the Amazon Appstore that offers free premium Android apps.)

Even if it means Amazon will lose money by offering the tablets for so cheap, it could give the company a greater chance at gaining a significant marketshare in the long run.

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