Amazon has been quietly launching sportswear brands all year

Peak velocityAmazonPeak Velocity is Amazon’s new high-performance sportswear brand.
  • Amazon has been quietly selling private-label sportswear brands.
  • It launched a high-performance brand, Peak Velocity, in October, as well as two other brands earlier this year.
  • These new offerings make Amazon a bona fide sportswear maker.

has been quietly diving into the world of sportswear, a spokesperson confirmed with Business Insider.

Its new sports-oriented clothing brand, Peak Velocity, which it launched in late October, offers performance sweatshirts and sweatpants with features like moisture-wicking and stretch. It has two lines: “Quantum Fleece” which the website says is “built for work,” and “Metro Fleece,” which is higher-priced and “built for everyday.”

The most expensive item is the Metro Full-Zip Fleece sweatshirt at $US79, and the cheapest is the Quantum Fleece shorts at $US29. Only men’s clothing is available right now for this particular line.

Each item can only be purchased by Amazon Prime members, just like many of Amazon’s other in-house clothing brands, such as GoodThreads and Amazon Essentials.

Peak Velocity is one part of Amazon’s larger push into sportswear. It has two other, more general, sportswear lines: Rebel Canyon, a lifestyle streetwear take on sportswear, and Goodsport, a wider-ranging line of traditional workout gear with tops, bottoms, and outerwear.

Both lines offer both men’s and women’s clothes at prices lower than the Peak Velocity line, and they’re also limited to Prime members. They were released earlier in 2017.

This new offering puts Amazon squarely in competition with sports brands like Nike and Lululemon. Nike is currently in a pilot program to sell product on Amazon, which a Nike executive described as successful. Peak Velocity, in particular, goes after the high-performance sportswear niche that Nike is known for.

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