Amazon Snags Video Technology Company

Planit from Pushbutton bought by AmazonPlanit, a concept app from Pushbutton.

Photo: Pushbutton

Amazon has bought Pushbutton, a U.K. company that builds interactive TV applications and services.The move could help Amazon create video viewing apps for the tablet it’s rumoured to be launching later this year.

Pushbutton is best known for building a version of Lovefilm for the Sony Bravia series of TVs. Lovefilm was basically the Netflix of Europe, and Amazon bought it in January.

Pushbutton also has a test app called Planit that builds a personalised set of video content for a family based on their viewing habits, and drawing from TV, video on demand, and other content. That could be particularly useful if incorporated into Amazon Instant Video, which offers more than 90,000 movies and TV shows for download and rent.

Separately, Amazon also signed a deal with NBC Universal to show Universal movies through Amazon Prime Instant Video — the free version of its on-demand video service for Amazon Prime customers. Earlier this month, Amazon signed a deal with CBS to stream some of its back catalogue, including old Star Trek shows.

Both deals were reported earlier by Geekwire.

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