There Is Zero Reason For Amazon To Release Its Own Phone

Amazon is reportedly going to produce its own smartphone.

This is a baffling move. We see absolutely zero reason for Amazon to make a phone.

The argument for the Kindle Fire is that Amazon wanted to create a great media consumption device that could also spur sales of content like books and music.

Would an Amazon phone do that? Maybe, but reading books and magazines on a phone is just not that good.

Amazon would have to compete with Apple, Google, and Microsoft. All three of those companies are very good at producing mobile software. Amazon’s Kindle Fire software is not very good. It will improve, but it will not be anywhere near as good as Apple or Google, or even Microsoft.

Building a smartphone operating system is hard. Just ask RIM, which is struggling to release its next generation of mobile software. And it’s in the smartphone business, unlike Amazon.

Then there’s hardware. The Kindle Fire is a crappy piece of hardware. Kindle e-readers are nothing special to look at either. But somehow Amazon is going to build beautiful hardware to compete with Apple, Samsung, and Nokia?

What can Amazon do differently? How can it answer the question of “why do I need a Kindle phone?” We’re looking forward to finding out, because right now we can’t think of one reason for a Kindle phone.

Produced by Robert Libetti

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