You will finally be able to watch all of Amazon’s shows and movies on Apple TV

The grand tour amazon
Amazon’s blockbuster car show, ‘The Grand Tour,’ is coming to Apple TV Amazon

Amazon’s Prime Video app is finally coming to the Apple TV “later this year,” Apple announced at WWDC on Monday.

That means you’ll soon be able to watch Amazon’s shows and movies on Apple TV to your heart’s content.

This will be welcome news for many Apple TV users, since the lack of access to Amazon’s exclusive video content was a major drawback.

Amazon, which offers its own Fire TV streaming products, has made a habit of sparring with its competitors. In 2015, Amazon pulled Apple TVs and Chromecasts from its store, and there is still no Prime Video app for Chromecast or Android TV. Roku does have a Prime Video app, which is one reason why I personally chose it as my primary streaming platform.

But for Apple TV users, and Google hopefuls, this respite in the Apple-Amazon feud is a promising step toward better integration of Amazon’s video content with platforms run by its competition.

This is especially useful as Amazon ramps up its spending on video this year. JPMorgan estimates the internet giant will spend a whopping $US4.5 billion in 2017.

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