Amazon is selling Google and Apple TV gadgets again, ending a two-year cold war of streaming

  • After two years, Amazon will start selling the Google Chromecast and Apple TV streaming devices.
  • The move comes after Google removed the YouTube app from Amazon devices.

Amazon will start selling Google Chromecast and Apple TV streaming devices again, after unlisting them from sale two years ago, the company confirms to Business Insider.

The move comes as Amazon and Google battle over YouTube – the search giant recently pulled support for the very popular YouTube app from Amazon Echo Show and Fire TV devices, undermining Amazon’s streaming strategy going into the holiday shopping home stretch.

In general, Amazon has signalled that it’s willing to open up its streaming strategy, recently launching a long-promised Amazon Prime Video app for the Apple TV, too.

In 2015, Amazon characterised the decision to stop selling the Google and Apple streaming devices because, at the time, there was no Amazon video app for either. The retailer said that this was confusing customers, and that it wanted to make sure that customers could only buy devices that would support its own in-house video services.

While the Apple TV now supports Amazon Prime Video, the Chromecast still does not. It remains to be seen if Amazon and Google will clear up their differences: Perhaps this ends with YouTube coming back to Fire TV, and Amazon Prime Video on the Chromecast. Or perhaps, this will end up as just another front in the brewing Amazon/Google war.

Apple and Google did not respond to a request for comment at the time of publication.

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