This Amazing Twitter Account Curates The Most Hilarious And Cringe-Worthy Movie Reviews On Amazon

Ray, GhostbustersColumbia via YouTube screengrabRay, from Ghostbusters

As a big movie buff, Joe Grabinski has been ordering DVDs off Amazon for years and often wades through the reviews before making a purchase.

Every so often, he would find one that was so completely absurd that he emailed it to his brothers. Two months ago, he decided the level of ridiculousness warranted its own Twitter account. And so Amazon Movie Reviews was born.

Grabinski was shocked when, within 24 hours, it started blowing up. The account now has more than 27,000 followers.

He posts each review without comment, except for the title of the movie it was written for.

Disclosure: Jeff Bezos is an investor in Business Insider through his personal investment company Bezos Expeditions.

Reading through the Twitter feed, you become amazed at the opinions people feel compelled to share.

And the concepts that confuse them.

Or the details that anger them.

This is one of Grabinski's favourites.

'There's an alarming number of people who seem to think that they have to write the review or there'll be some negative consequence,' Grabinski says.

Some people get a little mixed up about what they're actually reviewing.

There's a liberal use of all-caps.

And good questions asked.

Grabinski says that several filmmakers have retweeted posts about their movies.

Seth Rogan -- who acted in and directed 'This Is The End' -- retweeted this one.

'It's a bizarre experience for me as a fan to be somewhat engaged with them,' he says.

Grabinski has seen Amazon employees retweet different posts, but he's never heard from anyone from the company.

Some reviewers aren't the best at grammar and punctuation.

But they're generally enthusiastic.

And sometimes cryptic.

Lots of people boldly call out a movie's hidden agenda.

Or use the review to attack people who like it.

Grabinski says that he does due diligence to make sure that the reviews are actually real.

Some of the weirdest, funniest reviews are only one of hundreds that a person has written.

We hope someone got back to Pat, eventually.

And we hope Ralph meant years.

And that Anthony's class recovered.

Check out the rest of the tweets over at @AmznMovieRevws

Here's something else to giggle at:

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