Amazon Quietly Releases A Web-Based Kindle Reader

Now in the cloud.

[credit provider=”Wonderhowto”]

Amazon has a Web app that will let users read Kindle books directly from their Chrome and Safari Web browsers — including the version of Safari used on the iPad.MG Siegler at TechCrunch noticed the Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader a few minutes ago, but Amazon hasn’t yet said anything about it publicly.

The app lets users read and buy books online. The app can also store a local copy of books using HTML5’s local storage feature, so users can keep reading even if they lose their Internet connection.

With a browser-based Kindle app, Amazon doesn’t have to pay Apple a 30% cut of every book it sells through the app. Amazon recently changed the Kindle app for iPad and iPhone to avoid paying that fee — instead of letting users buy books directly from within the app, Amazon kicks them out to the browser.