This Pinterest-like feature on Amazon lets you make idea boards for other Amazon shoppers

Amazon Your Idea ListAmazonMy first Idea List, which includes my recommendations for beach products.

For Amazon’s legions of dedicated shoppers, there’s a great feature designed to help you show off your browsing prowess.

Called Your Idea Lists, the feature allows you to add items to a curated list and make it public, letting others browse your recommendations. It’s a little like a Pinterest board, but for specific products that can be purchased right on Amazon.

It’s unclear how long this feature has been live, but it seems pretty recent — Hiten Shah pointed it out on Product Hunt early Monday morning.

Here’s how to access it on your own Amazon account and build your own list.

By hovering over the 'Account & Lists' tab, you'll see the option to 'Create a List.'


One important thing to note about making an Idea List is that you'll have to set up a public profile on Amazon, much like you would on Pinterest or Facebook. That profile will also let you write reviews for Amazon products.

You'll be brought to this page, where you can select what type of list you'd like to make. Unlike a shopping or wish list, the idea list clearly states it's 'for the Amazon community,' not for your own purchases or gift ideas.


To add an item to the list, search for it as you would anything else. Below the 'Add to Cart' button, you'll see an option to 'Add to List.' Your Idea List should show up as an option.


When you begin adding things, they will aggregate in your selected list, along with the prices and whether the items are eligible for Prime. You can also add a comment about the item, like why you recommend it.


All your idea lists will show up in one tab. While you're building and curating your list, no one can see it. But once you're ready to share, you can hit publish.


Amazon will then generate a custom short link so you can share it with friends or on social media.


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