Amazon will give you $10 if you let it scan your palm print

A customer scans her phone as she enters Amazon's new Amazon Fresh store in Ealing, west London, on March 4, 2021.
A customer scans her phone as she enters Amazon’s new Amazon Fresh store in Ealing, west London, on March 4, 2021. NIKLAS HALLE’N/AFP via Getty Images
  • Amazon introduced palm-scanning payment tech in its cashierless stores in 2020.
  • Amazon is now offering shoppers $US10 ($AU14) credit if they scan their palm at these stores, per TechCrunch.
  • The Amazon One palm tech can be found in Amazon Go, Amazon Books, and Amazon Pop-up stores.
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Amazon will give shoppers in its physical stores $US10 ($AU14) if they scan their palm print, TechCrunch reports.

According to a screenshot shared by TechCrunch, shoppers need to visit one of the tech giant’s physical, cashierless stores that is equipped with its palm-scanning tech, Amazon One.

If they scan their palm they get an email with $US10 ($AU14) credit, which they can use in any Amazon store that has Amazon One, according to the screenshot.

Amazon started trialling Amazon One, which lets shoppers pay for products with their palm prints, at its cashierless Amazon Go stores in September 2020. It has since installed Amazon One at Amazon Books, Amazon 4-Star, and Amazon Pop-up stores. It also started installing scanners in its Seattle Whole Foods stores in April 2021.

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Normally, shoppers at Amazon’s cashierless stores have to scan a barcode from their phone, but if they’ve already scanned their palm print, and linked it with a credit card, they can just scan their hand to pay.

According to Amazon’s patent filed in 2019, the tech identifies a person by their hand’s veins, wrinkles, and even bones.

To sign up to Amazon One, customers have to go to a store equipped with scanners, insert their credit or debit card into a machine, and hover their hand over the scanner. Amazon says the process takes less than a minute.

Amazon One payment system
An One palm scanner in use. Amazon

Amazon did not immediately respond when contacted by Insider.

Amazon told Insider in April that customers’ biometric data was safely stored, and their handprints were deleted if shoppers get rid of their account, or if they are inactive for two years.