It's No Contest: Netflix Is The Best Streaming Service Right Now

Since Amazon announced it would allow all-you-can-eat video streaming for Amazon Prime Customers, everyone has been eager to compare it to Netflix.

Overall, it’s no contest. With four times the streaming titles to choose from, Netflix dominates.

Lifehacker says they found a poor selection of popular titles that were “Prime Eligible” for streaming.

That means you still have to pay to stream recent or popular titles.

It comes down to the numbers. Netflix offers over 20,000 streaming titles with a subscription plan starting at $7.99 per month. An Amazon Prime will get you just 5,000 titles for $79 per year. (About $6.50 per month).

Even though you get free two-day shipping on your Amazon order, that’s probably not good enough to sign up for a new account. 

And here’s a chart from Clicker breaking it all down. Again, Netflix is the obvious winner:

Streaming Netflix comparison chart

Photo: Clicker

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