Amazon Music will be available on Apple TV – and you can import all the tracks you purchased on it

You can now play Amazon Music on Apple TV.
  • Amazon Music users in Australia can now play their music through Apple TV.
  • You can browse for music and import the songs you already have on Amazon Music.
  • The move comes after Spotify announced that it will also be available on Apple TV.

Music to your ears.

You can now get Amazon Music on Apple TV in Australia, giving you another option to listen to your sweet tunes.

All you need to do can download the Amazon Music app for Apple TV and you can stream a plethora of songs, playlists and stations. You can also browse for music, import all the songs you have already purchased and follow a song with scrolling lyrics in the app.

Karolina Joynathsing, director of business development for Amazon Music said in a statement that users should be able to stream music on any device they choose.

“With that in mind, our aim has been to bring listeners more ways to enjoy their favourite music,” she said.

Australia isn’t the only country to get Amazon Music on Apple TV. It is also available in Canada, the UK, the US, Brazil, Italy, France, Mexico, Germany, Spain, India and Japan.

Amazon’s move to Apple TV comes after Spotify announced earlier in October it will be available on Apple TV.

“We’re excited to bring this app to Apple TV and will continue to innovate and enhance the app—there’s plenty more in the works,” Spotify said in a statement at the time.

We like the policy of tunes everywhere.

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