Amazon is still getting dominated in China

Amazon has become near-synonymous with online shopping in the US, but as this chart from Statista shows, it’s barely a blip in the largest market out East: China.

According to a recent report from Chinese market research firm iResearch China, Amazon’s Chinese site holds less than 1% of the country’s $US378 billion e-commerce business in terms of market share.

This has been an ongoing struggle. Amazon bought Joyo, the biggest online book seller in China at the time, in 2004, and rebranded it as Amazon China in 2011. It made a limited version of its Prime service available in China late last year. Yet it’s remained well behind Alibaba, the other global e-commerce giant that runs, and the growing, in which Walmart has a 12% stake.

When it comes to international sales, Amazon now has its eyes — and pockets — more squarely set on India as a result.

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