Amazon made an estimated US$2 million from its Australian Prime Day, with top-selling items from the Echo Dot to nappies — but membership and awareness Down Under is the real goal

Amazon Prime Day generated an estimated $US2 million in Australia according to Retail Doctor Group. Getty images.
  • Amazon generated an estimated US$2 million in Australia from its Prime Day sales extravaganza, according to market analysts the Retail Doctor Group.
  • Australia was the first country to access Prime Day this week on July 15, giving Prime members Down Under an additional 17 hours of sales activity.
  • Amazon declined to confirm or deny the figures, but has unveiled its top-selling items, including the Echo Dot, Kindle Paperwhite and Huggies nappies.

In case you missed it, Amazon’s Prime Day sales extravaganza was was held around the world this week and, in its second time running the event in Australia, it generated an estimated US$2 million in revenue.

That’s according to Retail Doctor Group founder and CEO Brian Walker, whose market analysis consultancy tracks Amazon closely.

Asked about the performance of this week’s Prime Day in Australia, Walker admitted the company didn’t have a complete picture yet, but did make some educated estimates.

“So we know that the US predictions was US$6 billion…for Prime Day. If you look at us and say, well, we’re really about 10% of the size, you start to get down to US$6 million [mark]. Look, if it pulled up US$2 million maybe … somewhere around that mark,” Walker said.

He also told Business Insider Australia that the number of individual customers who used Prime Day in Australia this year has increased from the launch in 2018, estimating the year-on-year percentage increase to be around 15%.

Amazon’s Prime Day has also been benefited from increased engagement with online sales events by Aussies in general, Walker added.

“We’ve seen Black Friday, and all the major sales [like] Click Frenzy and so forth. So there’s an increasingly educated market to online sales and to these online events. There’s a strong awareness to the Amazon brand,” he said.

“The whole [Prime Day] event is about increasing awareness. And so you have to have to look at that in an increasingly educated online event marketplace. And say, yes, that’s definitely growing. [Greater awareness] is definitely factor for that growth.”

Walker spoke to Business Insider Australia following a public presentation in Sydney on Thursday in which he unveiled figures around the uptake of Prime membership in Australia more broadly.

Image source: Retail Doctor Group, July 2019

His colleague, Anastasia Lloyd-Wallis, told the same event Prime membership increases are the real prize for Amazon — even more so than Prime Day sales activity.

“The whole point of Prime Day, rather than really pushing these products, was ‘we want you to just sign up for Prime’,” she said.

Lloyd-Wallis previously told Business Insider Australia that Amazon’s penetration into the Australian market is on the rise, but that 50% of Aussie consumers are still unsure if they can trust the US retail giant.

Amazon declined to confirm or deny the Prime Day figures estimated by Retail Doctor Group and has not responded to multiple requests for comment on Prime Day’s results.

It did, however, release a statement listing the top-selling products from Australian Prime Day, including the Echo Dot, Kindle Paperwhite and Fire TV Stick Basic Edition. Other big sellers were the one-month supply of Huggies nappies, multipacks of Coca-Cola and Nintendo Switch video games and The Barefoot Investor 2019 book.

“Prime Day is the best of shopping, savings and entertainment and a way to say ‘thank you’ to Prime members,” said Amazon Australia country manager Rocco Braeuniger in the statement.

“We were delighted to see Prime members in Australia getting the most out of our epic deals, making Prime Day the biggest shopping event in’s history.”

Prime Day was also a boon for some third party sellers including Sydney-based pet products business Zenify, which saw one of its slow feeder dog bowls sell out, according to Amazon.

Globally, 175 million products were sold during Amazon Prime Day, making it the biggest shopping event in Amazon’s history.