Amazon's new Echo device is a hands-free camera that helps you decide what to wear

If you’ve ever needed some help getting dressed, Amazon’s newest Echo device is here to help.

Called the Echo Look, it’s an Alexa-enabled camera that can take full length photos or videos of you, help you build a “personal lookbook,” and give a second opinion on your outfit.

By saying, “Alexa, take a picture” or “Alexa, take a video,” the device uses its depth-sensing camera and LED lighting to capture your look and create a lookbook of all your outfits. Amazon even built in “computer vision-based background blur” to make your outfit photos look more high-quality. The device is now available on Amazon’s website for $US199.99.

Amazon is also launching a feature called Style Check, which uses machine learning and a team of “fashion specialists” to help you compare two looks and decide which one is better. The feature is similar to one called Outfit Compare, which is available to Prime members. But an Amazon spokeswoman told Business Insider that Style Check incorporates machine learning, whereas Outfit Compare currently relies on the opinion of a human fashion specialist.

The Echo Look’s accompanying app will save all your outfit photos rather than clogging up your camera roll. But be advised that the photos are stored in the AWS cloud until you manually delete them, a company spokesperson told Motherboard.

The Echo Look has many of the same features as the Echo and Echo Dot — like the ability to check your calendar, weather, and commute — but more features will be “coming soon,” the spokeswoman said. If you don’t want to the device watching or listening to you, you can turn the camera and microphone off by pressing a button on the side of the device.

Amazon has recently gotten serious about expanding its fashion business. In a recent job posting for a software engineer, Amazon wrote that it wants to become “the number one online shopping destination for Fashion customers.”

Plus, Amazon has quietly launched seven new fashion brands, was said to be planning to introduce its own private-labelled bras priced around $US10, and plans to launch its own line of athletic clothing, or “athleisure.”

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