Here's The World's First Small And Cheap Windows 8 Tablet

acer 8 inch windows 8 tablet leaks on amazonThe leaked 8-inch Acer Windows 8 tablet.

Amazon briefly had a page up this weekend for an 8-inch Windows 8 tablet made by Acer. The page has since been removed, but PCWorld managed to snag a few screenshots.

According to the Amazon listing, the Acer tablet will be priced at $380 and run the full version of Windows 8, meaning you can run older Windows 7 apps too. Today, most cheaper Windows tablets are still around 10 inches and run a version called RT, which can only run Windows 8 apps and work on devices with low-power mobile processors like the ones used in the iPad.

It’s also the first glimpse we have at what should be a whole slew of smaller and cheaper Windows 8 tablets launching in the second half of the year. Lately, consumers have been gravitating toward such devices, as evidenced by the surge in iPad sales since Apple released the iPad Mini. 

There are also reports and rumours that Microsoft will make its own mini version of its Surface tablet, and could announce the device as early as this summer.

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