Now Amazon is trying to kill Microsoft Excel

AWS SVP Andy Jassy
AWS SVP Andy Jassy AWS

Amazon just launched a new business intelligence service called QuickSight, a data analytics platform that will let users quickly visualise and share their data stored in AWS services.

The new serivce is available in preview starting today.

QuickSight, powered by Amazon’s new technology called “Super-fast Parallel In-memory Computation Engine (SPICE),” makes it easy for non-technical useres to create charts and graphs based on data stored in AWS’s various services.

AWS Senior VP Andy Jassy said it could take as little as 60 seconds to visualise data and would cost 1/10th of what it would on competing products. Users can share and collaborate around the data and charts, and easily embed the charts into 3rd party apps or websites, too.

With QuickSight, AWS is venturing into a competitive market dominated by old guards like IBM and Microsoft, and new entrants like Tableau. Even software companies like Salesforce and Workday have been releasing new data analytics platforms, reflecting the growing demand in this space.

But AWS has the largest market share in the cloud computing market, and has been signing up not just early startups but also large business customers like GE, Boeing, and Netflix lately, making it a huge threat to existing vendors.

Jassy added AWS is on pace to hit $US7.3 billion in annual revenue run rate this year, growing 81% year over year. AWS is also profitable, as it reported $US391 millioin operating profit last quarter on $US1.8 billion net sales.

AWS QuickSight
Screenshot of AWS’s QuickSight AWS

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