Can Amazon Just Circumvent Apple's Subscription Rules?

jeff bezos kindle

One of the companies most potentially affected by Apple‘s new subscription rules is Amazon, whose Kindle app would have to offer buying books through the app at the same prices and give Apple a 30% cut (right now, the Kindle app kicks you to the web, where you make the purchase through Amazon, bypassing Apple). But this post makes the argument that Amazon can just drop the app and go to the web.

Amazon, which wants to get Kindle on every platform, has been working on Kindle for the web for some time. Right now it’s in beta, but it ought to come out soon. And for something like e-books, with HTML5, Kindle on the web could potentially be just as good a user experience as the Kindle app. On iOS devices, you can bookmark web sites as a button on your screen, indistinguishable from apps. And then iPad users could still get their Kindle books the same way they do now, but through a web app and not an iOS app.

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