Amazon Kindle 3G: Still The Best Thing I’ve Bought

A couple weeks ago I bought an Amazon Kindle 3G/Wi-Fi (get one here) — so how do I feel about the purchase now? Even better than when I first bought it.

Here are some of the features and advantages I’ve discovered since buying it that make me a devout convert to Kindle-land from here on out:

1. Free sample almost any book. Typically, you’ll get the first 10% of the text for free. It downloads within a few seconds, and after finishing the sample selection you are given the option to purchase the full book or novel with a single click. (Click here to see my list of my favourite novels on the Kindle so far.)

2. Web browsing via 3G or local Wi-Fi is surprisingly fast, and the browser is good. Of course, viewing a webpage on a grayscale e-ink Amazon Kindle screen takes some getting used to, but I was able to check my email and a few of my favourite sites without any problem.

3. Highlighting is so cool. I mentioned this feature when I first bought and reviewed my Kindle, and I appreciate it even more now. It saves a lot of time, especially when reading non-fiction, to see which passages “the masses” (as in, previous Kindle readers all over the world) found the most interesting or relevant. You can skim a non-fiction text fairly well in this way; it’s like a new form of speed-reading… read the highlighted portions, skip everything else!

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