Amazon plans to hire 125,000 transportation and warehouse roles in the US, with pay up to $22.50 an hour

Amazon warehouse staff
Amazon announced it would hike wages of its Canada warehouse staff by 27%. Ina Fassbender/AFP via Getty Images
  • Amazon plans to hire 125,000 transportation and warehouse roles in the US, it said Tuesday.
  • Amazon said new hires would get paid, on average, more than $US18 ($AU24) an hour.
  • Some would get paid up to $US22.50 ($AU31) an hour, it said.
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Amazon announced on Tuesday that it was planning to hire 125,000 transportation and warehouse roles across the US, with some recruits getting sign-on bonuses of up to $US3,000 ($AU4,071).

Amazon said in a press release that the roles would pay an average starting wage of more than $US18 ($AU24) an hour, and that some roles paid $US22.50 ($AU31) an hour. The company’s minimum wage in the US is $US15 ($AU20) an hour.

It didn’t specify which locations would pay the sign-on bonuses. Last month, a Delaware Amazon warehouse began offering $US3,000 ($AU4,071) bonuses to new recruits.

It also said that in September alone it would open 100 more fulfillment centers, sorting centers, delivery stations, and air transport hubs.

The plans come one day after Amazon Canada said it wanted to hire 15,000 new warehouse and distribution staff across the country during the fall. These staff would get between 17 Canadian dollars ($US13.40 ($AU18)) an hour and 21.65 Canadian dollars ($US17 ($AU23)) an hour, Amazon said, which is overall higher than current starting wages.

Amazon Canada said that it planned to give all full- and part-time workers, regardless of tenure, up to 2.20 Canadian dollars ($US1.74 ($AU2)) extra per hour, and that it would pay all employees a $US100 ($AU136) bonus if they showed proof of full vaccination.

Amazon Canada said it employed more than 25,000 Canadians, and was “proud to create 15,000 more great jobs at a time when they’re needed in Canada.”