Amazon Is Trying To Steal Microsoft's Hardcore Customers Away From Microsoft's Cloud


Photo: Photo Illustration by Business Insider

Amazon is trying to lure Microsoft customers away from its cloud, Azure.Today Amazon announced a new service that will let companies use Microsoft’s database and its Web programming platform, ASP.NET, on Amazon’s cloud.

Customers who use those technologies are natural for Microsoft’s cloud.

Many people think that Amazon and Azure are competing in different parts of the cloud market. Amazon made its name with Infrastructure as a Service. You can fire up Windows servers on its cloud but you have to manage them.

With Azure, you don’t do that. You just bring the applications themselves.  But you are limited to applications that work on Microsoft’s technology (plus a few popular open source software development tools). That’s known as Platform as a Service (Paas).

However Amazon has Elastic Beanstalk, a PaaS that competes directly with Azure.

AND there’s been talk that Microsoft is going to do more IaaS stuff and even (gasp!) make Linux available on Azure. That would put it head-to-head with Amazon.

So the two are duking it out. Microsoft has stolen some great ideas from Amazon. Shortly after Amazon announced its search service, Microsoft offered a different kind of search service for Azure based on Bing. Amazon and Microsoft have been having a price war lately, too.

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