Amazon is teaming up with China's Baidu

Amazon has announced it will partner with Baidu, China’s biggest search engine, to deliver search and video content.

Baidu will become the default search engine for Amazon’s Kindle platform in China, while also cooperating on distribution of video.

Baidu is China’s number one search company, with 71% of the market. Along with TenCent, Baidu and Alibaba make up the “big three” Chinese tech companies.

Amazon is pushing into the video streaming sector to take on Netflix. Most notably it has contracted with the former hosts of Top Gear to create a car show.

This is the second major partnership with a foreign company for Baidu in recent weeks, as it will also team up with Allianz to launch an online insurance company in China.

The partnership between Baidu and Amazon comes as they both grapple with another internet giant, Alibaba. Previously known as the “Chinese Amazon”, the Chinese online marketplace has listed in the US and is now aiming to earn 50% of its revenue outside of China.

Alibaba also competes with Baidu in e-commerce, as Baidu teamed up with other Chinese giants to launch an ecommerce platform called Wanda.

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