Amazon Is Going To Release 'Five Or Six Tablet SKUs', Says Staples President

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Amazon is about to release new tablets, Alistair Barr at Reuters reports.Demos Parneros, president of U.S. retail for Staples, tells Barr Amazon is releasing “five or six tablet SKUs” of the Kindle Fire. An SKU is short for stock keeping unit.

It doesn’t mean Amazon is releasing five or six different tablets. It could be three models at different storage sizes. For instance, the iPad has over a dozen SKUs between black model, white model, 16 GB – 64 GB options, and wifi versus wireless.

One of the new Amazon tablets will be a bigger screened, 10-inch model according to Parneros.

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There’s no word on a release date, but we’re expecting an announcement from Amazon in a few weeks.

When the Kindle Fire was released it was an exciting rival to the iPad. It sold well, but when people actually got their hands on it, they found it to be plagued by buggy software.

Since then, Google has released the Nexus 7, a critically acclaimed cheap tablet that rivals the Fire. At the same time Apple lowered the price of the iPad and word has leaked that it is working on a smaller, cheaper iPad.

If Amazon is going to maintain its position as number two tablet maker this next patch of Kindle Fires have to have better hardware and much better software.

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