Amazon is bringing its grocery delivery service to the UK

Amazon is rolling out Pantry, the service that delivers everyday items to Prime customers, in the UK. For £2.99 per “Pantry box” (in which items are delivered), Amazon will send anything from Heinz to Pampers to your door within a day.

The roll-out of Pantry follows on from where Dash Buttons left off in America. Essentially, Dash Buttons can be placed on any surface — such as a toilet or under the sink — and can order a specific item, like detergent, with a single press.

Amazon Pantry offers a “pantry box” for £2.99 which can then be filled up to 20kg. Items that go into the box cost the same as usual and any additional boxes cost £0.99. The box, when filled, is then shipped on the same day.

Amazon is aiming to make its services more useful to Prime customers who, on average, spend much more than non-Prime members. The company brought same-day shipping to London-based Prime customers in October. However, Pantry is being rolled out UK-wide and encompasses a much wide range of items.

“Amazon Pantry has been designed to take the heavy lifting out of replenishing the often bulky basics and store cupboard essentials that people need every day,” said Helene Parthenay, who manages Amazon Pantry in the UK.

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