Amazon's in-house brand AmazonBasics just showed up on the Australian site

AmazonBasics item on Amazon Australia site: doona. (Source: screenshot)

Amazon’s Australian site started showing everyday items from the company’s in-house label AmazonBasics over the weekend.

With Amazon Australia not yet launched, but expected any day, the pages have now been removed from public view. had featured items such as electronic cables, linen, dumbbells, batteries and alarm clocks sold under the AmazonBasics branding.

Business Insider contacted Amazon Australia for comment.

Business Insider has previously compared everyday items offered in the US under Amazon’s own in-house label and found that the AmazonBasics range is often cheaper than the equivalent from Australian retail chains such as JB Hi-Fi, Officeworks and Winc.

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Although no prices were published for the AmazonBasics products listed on the Australian site, the launch of the in-house label would be a blow to local retailers selling similar items on Amazon Australia. Australian merchants pay $49.95 plus GST each month to sell on Amazon, plus 6% to 15% of each item sold.

While the website has operated for years, it has been just an online bookshop facade for the US parent company. However, Business Insider confirmed in April that Amazon was setting up a full-scale retail operation in Australia.

Last Monday, hundreds of Australian retailers attended a seminar in Sydney where Amazon executives said both a third-party marketplace and an Amazon-sold catalogue would be ready to go from the start – although the launch date is still undisclosed.

Industry analysts have predicted Amazon Australia would start trading before November 24, which is a big sales day known in the US as Black Friday.

Amazon’s sales system is ready to go, and the fulfillment centre in Melbourne has been welcoming employees at least since the end of October.

Last week HP notebook computers, printers and accessories appeared on the Amazon Australia site. Power boards and cables were found by Reddit users the weekend before that.

As with other accidentally published items on the Australian site in recent days, there was no option to add the AmazonBasics products to the shopping cart:

AmazonBasics item on Amazon Australia site: batteries. (Source: screenshot)
AmazonBasics item on Amazon Australia site: linen. (Source: screenshot)
AmazonBasics item on Amazon Australia site: dumbbells. (Source: screenshot)
AmazonBasics item on Amazon Australia site: HDMI cable. (Source: screenshot)
AmazonBasics item on Amazon Australia site: clothes rack. (Source: screenshot)
AmazonBasics item on Amazon Australia site: alarm clock. (Source: screenshot)

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