FOR SHAME: Amazon Has Finally Promised To Improve U.S. Working Conditions

Jeff BezosBezos refused to be screwed.

Amazon, you should really be ashamed of yourself for this one. At the company’s annual meeting today in Seattle, CEO Jeff Bezos promised that the company will spend $52 million this year to add air conditioning to its warehouses, reports the Seattle Times.That’s because Amazon was outed last year in an article by the L.A. Times. It documented how employees were forced to work in temperatures above 100 degrees last summer.

Apparently, Amazon had the resources to ask paramedics to stand by in parked ambulances during summer heat waves to treat workers when they passed out.  But no air conditioning in the first place?

AND even as their coworkers were being carried out in stretchers, workers were forced to keep production up, work overtime, or face being fired, the story reported.

About a hundred protesters had gathered outside the shareholder meeting today, angry over worker conditions and calling on the Internet retailer to pay more taxes and to drop its membership in a right-wing conservative lobbying group, the American Legislative Exchange Council.

Amazon also promised to stop supporting ALEC.

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