Amazon wants to install delivery lockers in your apartment building

Amazon Hub

Over the past few years, Amazon has been on a relentless march to get into your house. And if the ecommerce giant has its way, even your apartment building’s lobby won’t be out of its reach.

This week, Amazon unveiled The Hub. Similar to the Amazon Lockers that have popped up in supermarkets and convenience stores around the country, the Hub is a delivery locker meant for apartment buildings and housing complexes.

Amazon Hub

According to Amazon, the Hub will accept all deliveries — not just those from Amazon. When a resident is ready to pick up their package, they will enter their PIN at the Hub’s touch screen, and the locker containing their delivery will swing open.

Residents will be able to access their building’s Hub at any time. It is unclear what fee, if any, Hub users will need to pay, but Amazon is advertising it as a must-have amenity for any building or housing complex.

Amazon has set up a portal so that property owners can request hubs for their buildings.