Amazon's amazing Android smartphone deals are getting even better

  • Amazon will remove ads from the lock screens of phones from Amazon’s Exclusive Phones program on Wednesday.
  • The phones are usually discounted in exchange for ads to be shown on a user’s lockscreen.
  • Future phones will not come with lock screen Amazon ads, either.
  • Phones purchased through the program still come pre-loaded with Amazon apps.

Amazon announced on Tuesday that it will remove the ads from the discounted Android phones on its Amazon Prime Exclusive Phones program on Wednesday.

Currently, Android phones on the Amazon Prime Exclusive Phones program display Amazon deals and offers on their lock screens. In exchange, customers get a decent discount on Android phones from well-known manufacturers, provided you’re a member of the $US99/year Amazon Prime program.

Discounts are always great, but it’s a tradeoff that some weren’t willing to make.

Previously, getting a phone through the program meant you couldn’t customise the background wallpaper of the lock screen. Amazon also said that removing the ads from the lock screen will allow for these phones to support features like facial recognition and fingerprint scanners.

Lg g6+ amazonLG

Certain phones, like the LG G6+, are only available on Amazon’s Exclusive Phone program. Others, like the Moto G5 Plus and Moto E4 are available from Motorola’s online store. Essentially, it means that Amazon Prime members can now buy certain Android phones for a lower cost than almost anywhere else, without the compromise of dealing with Amazon ads on their lock screens.

For example, the Moto G5 Plus costs $US200 on Amazon’s program, whereas it costs $US230 from Motorola’s site. And the $US500 LG G6+, an Amazon exclusive, is a larger version of the LG G6, which costs $US600 or more.

Still, the phones will continue to come pre-loaded with Amazon apps, so you’re still buying into the retailer’s ecosystem.

As of Tuesday, you have a pretty decent choice of phones from the Amazon Exclusive Phones program. With that said, newer phones models from companies like LG and Moto are expected to be released soon, so it may be wiser to wait for the newer models when they arrive on the Amazon Exclusive Phone program.

Amazon confirmed to Business Insider that future models on Amazon’s Exclusive Phone program won’t come with the Amazon ad lock screens, and they will still sell at a similar level of discount to the phones currently available on the program.

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