Amazon is teasing a mysterious new device called the Fire TV Cube on its website

  • Amazon is teasing a new device on its website called the Fire TV Cube.
  • Amazon didn’t offer any additional details, but you can sign up for a mailing list to learn more.
  • The device may be the same one that was leaked last year, which appears to be a Fire TV that doubles as an Amazon Echo.

There’s a new, mysterious Amazon device on its way: the Fire TV Cube.

Amazon has started teasing the device on its website with the phrase “What is Fire TV Cube?” with the promise that more details are coming soon. Anyone who’s interested in learning more can sign up for Amazon’s mailing list.

AFTVNews was the first to spot the teaser, and the first to publish a leaked image last year of what may be the new device. The leaked 2017 image showed a Fire TV remote and two new Amazon devices: a small cube with a similar design and buttons as an Echo, and a Fire TV attached to a dongle.

The latter device – the $US70 4K Fire TV – was unveiled last fall, so there’s a decent change the cube device pictured in the image is actually the real Fire TV Cube. But it’s also possible that the actual device or design has changed since then.

According to the report from AFTVNews, the Fire TV Cube will have many of the same features of Amazon’s Echo smart speaker built in, including microphones so you can speak with Alexa, a speaker for music and responses, and an LED light that mimics the top of an Echo.

The new device will reportedly let you stream videos from apps like Amazon and Netflix – though not YouTube – and will reportedly allow you to interact with Amazon’s Alexa smart assistant even when your TV isn’t on.

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