Amazon's latest move to take over the fashion industry takes a page from red-hot streetwear player Supreme

AmazonThe Drop is a new fashion initiative by Amazon.
  • Amazon announced a new initiative called The Drop on Wednesday.
  • The Drop’s limited-time streetwear designs will be made on demand and available for 30 hours only on Amazon. An always-on-sale collection will complete the offering.
  • Amazon says the program, which is the latest in a long line of clothing-related initiatives from the e-commerce giant, will launch soon.
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Amazon is moving into the fashion industry – again.

The e-commerce giant announced Wednesday it has developed a new fashion shopping experience called The Drop. The Drop is designed to provide “exclusive access to limited-edition, street-style inspired collections designed by fashion influencers from around the world.”

The designs will be made on demand and available for purchase for only 30 hours at a time “because fabric is limited,” the company said. Separately, there will also be an offering called “Staples by the Drop,” which are perennial items that will complement the limited-time assortment.

Designs will only be available through Amazon – either on its website or mobile app – and be sold globally. The name and model are a nod to streetwear players like Supreme, which have caught on with young consumers.

Amazon did not say when the new program would launch, but said it will come soon. Its first collaborations are with designers including Paola Alberdi, Sierra Furtado, Emi Suzuki, Leonie Hanne, and Patricia Bright.

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The Drop is one of the most fashion-friendly initiatives launched by the company, which has tried repeatedly to further break into the apparel space. It has courted sought-after brands, expanded its screen-printing business, and launched tech innovations like Prime Wardrobe.

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