Amazon's Executives Are Disappearing

BezosJeff Bezos is stocking fewer executives.

Photo: flickr/jurvetson

Four Amazon executives are no longer on the job.The departed used to appear on Amazon’s list of top corporate officers, but they’ve recently gone missing, AllThingsD’s Tricia Duryee noticed, in a neat bit of sleuthing through SEC filings.

Here’s who’s gone and what happened to them:

  • Michelle Wilson, Amazon’s general counsel, took a parental leave in September. She’s going to return in a different role; David Zapolsky has taken her job.
  • Steven Kessel, SVP of worldwide digital media, went on sabbatical last April.
  • Marc Onetto, SVP of worldwide operations, is retiring, Amazon spokesperson Ty Rogers told Duryee.
  • Sebastian J. Gunningham, SVP of seller services, is no longer a “Section 16 officer,” according to Rogers. In other words, he’s not a member of the company’s top management team who must be listed in SEC filings.

It’s not clear what Gunningham’s role is with the company. We did notice that Gunningham, who joined Amazon in 2007, sold about 80 per cent of his Amazon stock in March 2011, right around the four-year anniversary with the company, netting $11 million. Tech companies typically grant stock awards that vest over four-year periods.

Kessel, Onetto, and Gunningham are still listed as officers on Amazon’s investor relations page. They and Wilson do not appear in Amazon’s most recently filed 10-K report.

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