The Echo Show, Amazon's new AI smart home device, isn't launching in the UK yet

The Echo Show, Amazon’s new smart home device, isn’t launching in the UK yet.

On Tuesday, the online retail giant announced the Amazon Echo Show — the latest version of its AI-powered Echo smart speaker. It’s on sale for $US229.99, has a 7-inch touchscreen, and ships in June — but it isn’t available to buy in the UK.

“Internationalization of all of our products is incredibly important, but I don’t have anything to share today,” a company spokesperson told Business Insider.

That’s not to say that the Amazon Echo Show is never coming to the UK. It wasn’t until months after its US launch that the original Echo became available in Britain, but it happened eventually. But it’s still frustrating for Brits who want to get their hands on the new device.

A previous report from AFTNews from before the Echo Show’s unveiling alleged that it would cost £219.99 in Britain and €239.99 in Europe — but that it “may have different release dates.”

The Echo Look is the first time Amazon has put a screen on an dedicated Alexa device, which have historically been voice-controlled. You can use it to watch YouTube videos, play music, check your calendar and the time, make video calls, or as a baby monitor, among other things.

The Amazon Echo Look, an Alexa device with a built in camera, is also only available in America. (Right now, it’s for sale by “invitation” only.)

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