Amazon is still obliterating its biggest competition — and it’s not even close

  • Amazon continues to dominate online shopping among the top four retailers in America.
  • While its competitors have grown, Amazon has matched them.

Amazon captured nearly 90% of online holiday spending between the biggest four retailers this holiday, according to a new report from Earnest Research, as reported by Bloomberg. Walmart and Best Buy stood at 4% each, while Target held a 2% share.

The data was calculated from the gross value of merchandise sold by the four retailers in the five-week period following Thanksgiving.

Combining this report with previous estimates, where Amazon was said to have a nearly 50% share of all holiday shopping online, it’s apparent how dominant the company is.

Walmart’s much smaller online margin was steady when compared with a year ago. The chain is widely seen as Amazon’s biggest competitor after making enormous investments online, and it has seen rapid growth on But, this growth was only enough to keep the same share as last year, as Amazon saw its own growth over the holiday season.