Amazon is puling out all the stops to make sure as many people as possible shop on Prime Day

Facebook/AmazonAmazon Prime Day is arriving July 16.
  • Amazon is pulling out all the stops to ensure as many customers as possible have access to Prime Day deals.
  • Free Amazon Prime trials, deals at Whole Foods, and massive concerts are just a few of the offerings that Amazon has rolled out in the week leading up to Prime Day, which begins on July 16.
  • Prime Day isn’t just about selling items – it’s about selling Prime, too.

Prime Day has quickly become one of the most important – if not the most important – days of the year for Amazon.

Analysts are already predicting that this year’s Prime Day will be Amazon’s biggest yet, and that’s not taking into account all the discounts and promotions Amazon is ramping up ahead of the day.

Amazon is encouraging shoppers to shop before Prime Day and on the day itself. If shoppers do both, they will get a $US10 credit to their account after Prime Day.

Whole Foods, which Amazon acquired for more than $US13 billion last year, has its own Prime Day discounts. Chief among them: Amazon will give Prime members who spend $US10 at the store between July 11 and July 17 a $US10 credit to use on Prime Day.

Prime Day is famously restricted to Prime members. Not a Prime member and haven’t been one in the last year? Not to worry, Amazon will offer you a 30-day free trial. If you have been a member in the last year and canceled, there’s still nothing to worry about. For $US2, Amazon will offer some former members a week-long trial of Prime – just enough time to shop the holiday.

This synergy works both ways. Amazon can bill the event as exclusive and catered to its Prime members while also offering trials and ensuring as many customers who want to shop can actually do so on the day.

On the other hand, it’s great advertising for its all-important Prime membership, which is key to Amazon’s business. If a customer trials Prime for Prime Day and likes it, Amazon likely hopes they will hold on to it and become one of the more than 100 million paying Prime members there are globally.

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