Amazon Cuts Kindle Price To $259, Unveils International Version

kindle 2 up close

Amazon is improving two weaknesses with its Kindle e-book reader: Its price and its inability to download books overseas.

  • Amazon is cutting the price of its Kindle 2 to $259, down from $299, it announced.
  • It’s also selling another Kindle that supports international roaming in over 100 countries, which will cost $279 and will ship on Oct. 19. When roaming internationally, books will cost an extra $1.99, as will downloads from your “archived items.”

The GSM-based international Kindle will use AT&T’s network in the U.S. This means AT&T will likely be able to report new Kindle units activated in the U.S. as wireless subscribers. (And it likely means Sprint-based Kindles will be phased out.)

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos told the New York Times that Kindle books now represent 48% of total book sales when both Kindle and paper versions are available, up from 35% in May and 13% in February.

Bought a Kindle within the last month? You’ll be able to return it for the international version if you want, Bezos tells Wired.

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