Amazon Could Sell Up To 5 Million Tablets This Year, Forrester Says

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A new research report by Forrester analyst Sarah Rotman Epps says Amazon’s rumoured tablet has the potential to sell 3 to 5 million units in Q4 this year.

The tablet is widely expected to launch in October.

Epps’ analysis is in line what others (including us) have been saying for a while now:

Amazon has already proven it’s more than willing to sell hardware at a loss, and a sub-$300 could be the sweetspot consumers are looking for.

The Q4 estimate sounds a bit high to us, but we all know how quickly bargain tablets can sell.

The report also points out that while Apple sells a lot of services, but most of its revenue still comes from hardware. That leaves an opening for Amazon to offer a quality slate at a cheap price, eating into the iPad’s share of the tablet market.

Epps also speculates that Amazon could build on the Android operating system, and eventually licence it out to other tablet manufacturers. We disagree with that one. It’s very likely Amazon will revamp Android, but it’ll probably want to keep that OS for itself.


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