Amazon is now selling an FDA-authorised at-home saliva COVID-19 test for $110. All you do is spit in a tube and send it to an LA lab via prepaid shipping.

  • For the first time, you can now buy an at-home coronavirus test that has been authorised by the Food and Drug Administration on Amazon.
  • The FDA authorised DxTerity’s COVID-19 saliva test, which requires no swabs, on December 9, and it was made available to buy on Amazon on Tuesday.
  • You can buy one for $US110, or 10 for $US1,000.
  • “Amazon is the perfect partner for expanding access to millions of U.S. customers,” DxTerity’s CEO said in a statement.
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Amazon is now selling a $US110 at-home COVID-19 test that has been authorised by the Food and Drug Administration.

DxTerity, a genomics company based in Los Angeles, said in a statement Tuesday that its kit is the first at-home saliva test to get emergency use authorization (EUA) from the FDA for symptomatic and asymptomatic testing.

The test kit was authorised by the FDA on December 9, but was made available on Amazon on Tuesday.

The DxTerity COVID-19 Saliva at-Home Collection Kit is priced on Amazon at $US110 for one, or $US1,000 for 10.

Many coronavirus tests require a nasal and throat swab. DxTerity’s test requires you to spit into the empty tube provided, and then send it off to a Los Angeles-based lab via prepaid shipping.

“Only a small amount of saliva sample is needed,” Amazon’s product page says.

Patients should expect to get their results between 24 and 72 hours after the sample has arrived at the lab, the website says.

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“We have demonstrated the reliability and quality of our COVID-19 testing solution with big business and now we want to expand access to customers at home and small businesses,” Bob Terbrueggen, founder and CEO of DxTerity, said. “Amazon is the perfect partner for expanding access to millions of US customers.”

The FDA has also granted EUA’s to Ellume, Lucira Health, and Abbott Laboratories for their at-home rapid coronavirus tests, priced between $US25 to $US50, but these are not yet available to buy on Amazon.

Amazon isn’t the only retail giant to offer COVID-19 tests to its customers. In October, Costco began selling saliva coronavirus tests costing $US130.Walmart and Sam’s Club also started selling at-home coronavirus tests online in December, from $US99.

As cases of the novel coronavirus surpass 21.1 million in the US, COVID-19 tests are in high demand.