How To Stream Amazon Cloud Player Music On Your iPhone

amazon cloud drive on ipad

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Even though Amazon left iOS owners behind with its new Cloud Player service, there’s still a way to get your songs to stream using the mobile version of Safari.But be warned: this method, which comes from Mashable, will only let you listen to one song at a time, and only songs that can be played by Safari’s audio player.

We guess that’s fine if you really, really need to listen to a song in your Amazon locker and can’t get to a computer. Here’s what you do:

  • Go to and log in with your account. (On iPhone, you may have to switch to the full version of the site).
  • Click the Cloud Drive link, not Cloud Player.
  • Select the folder and music file you want to listen to. Tap the check box next to the song you want to listen to and then tap the “Download” button at the top of your screen.
  • Safari will launch a QuickTime audio player and start streaming your song. If you want to listen to the next song in your list, you’ll have to go back to your Cloud Drive again.

We tried this method and it does work, but it’s still not that great. What’s the point of only listening to one song at a time?

Instead, we suggest giving SugarSync a try. It will let you store up to 5 GB of music for free (just like Amazon) and stream it to any iOS or Android device. And make sure you check out our walkthrough and review of SugarSync’s app.

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