How To Turn Your Amazon Cloud Drive Into A Network Drive Just Like Dropbox

Amazon Cloud Drive Windows Network Drive

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Less than a week after Amazon’s Cloud Drive went live, a developer has come up with a way to turn it into a network drive on your PC.This means you won’t have to log in to Amazon every time you want to upload new files. Instead, you can just drag and drop files into the network drive as you would with Dropbox or any other folder.

The app, called Gladinet Cloud Desktop, already supports services such as Google Docs, and has been updated to include Amazon’s new Cloud Drive. It’s only available for Windows right now, but the developer tells us a Mac version is in the works.

According to Gladinet’s blog, the app makes it pretty easy to set up. After installing, just select Amazon Cloud Drive as the service you want to add, enter your login credentials, and you’re good to go.

The Cloud Drive will show up in Windows Explorer along with your hard drive and any other network drives. This takes care of one of our biggest complaints with Cloud Drive, the inability to sync folders from your desktop.

You can download Gladinet here for $49.99.

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