Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos's tweet slamming the NY Post has a lot to do with Trump

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has taken to Twitter to publicly dispute a recent story about his company’s grocery store potentially killing jobs.

On Tuesday, in a rare and unusually blunt tweet, Bezos denied the NY Post report that said Amazon may be planning for a two-story automated supermarket that requires as little as three on-site staff members.

Bezos’s tweet is interesting in many ways.

For one, it’s not self-promoting. Bezos rarely tweets — he only has 82 so far — and most of his tweets have been aimed at promoting Amazon or the accomplishments of Blue Origin, Bezos’ space exploration company. 

It also shows Bezos may be following in the foot steps of President Donald Trump in using Twitter as a platform to make public announcements and to respond directly to critics and unflattering news reports. Amazon usually makes public announcements through its spokesperson. (Bezos’ only previous tweet personally attacking someone was in 2015 and was directed at Trump himself, with Bezos offering to send Trump into space on one of his Blue Origin rockets).

But perhaps most important is the fact that Bezos has taken such a strong and quick stance against a report that suggested Amazon is killing jobs. Amazon and Bezos has been working hard in recent months to amend its rocky relationship with President Trump by heavily promoting the number of jobs it’s creating. The NY Post article, however, starts with a line that depicts Amazon’s robots as job-stealing droids.

Amazon’s spokesperson confirmed Bezos’s tweet in an email to Business Insider. In regards to the NY Post article, the spokesperson said: “it’s fiction.”

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