PICTURES: Amazon Is Building A Wild New 'Biosphere' In Downtown Seattle

Amazon wants a “biodome.” Once built, it will become one of a bunch offantastical work environments at booming tech companies where well-paid employees are showered with perks.

Facebook’s campus is a Disneyland-inspired recreation of downtown Palo Alto. Apple is working on a building that looks like a spaceship.

Amazon’s new three interlocking dome buildings are part of a new 3.3 million square-foot new campus that will stretch across three city blocks in Seattle. The domes are in the center and look like something out the “Hunger Games.”

Earlier this week, Seattle’s design review board unanimously approved the unusual buildings. Next, the city’s planning and development department must give the ok, reports the Seattle Times’ Sanjay Bhatt.

Disclosure: Jeff Bezos is an investor in Business Insider through his personal investment company Bezos Expeditions.

Here's an aerial view of the domes sitting next to Amazon's new high rise building.

The domes are sure to become a tourist attraction, so Amazon agreed to allow the public to wander all around them. They may also host some retail shops so people can go inside them.

Here's a sketch that shows full-size trees, office space, retail space fitting inside the domes.

The spheres will be 80-95 feet tall.

Amazon is building a 5-foot-wide bicycle track on one side of the dome.

People will enter the dome through a giant arched doorway.

Between the domes and other buildings, Amazon is building a public dog park

This is what Amazon's dome buildings will look like at night.

Here's a view of Amazon's entire, three-block campus, including domes.

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