Amazon Should AutoRip All The Books You’ve Bought To Your Kindle


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Amazon recently announced a new  feature called AutoRip that provides CD buyers with free digital copies of those tracks.As the name suggests, it just offers as a convenience what CD owners can do to copy songs from a physical disc to their computers and MP3 players already.

What if Amazon took that a step further and offered e-book versions of every book you’ve bought?

Everyone on Twitter seemed to have that same thought simultaneously this morning from BuzzFeed editor Matt Buchanan to YouTube executive Hunter Walk to Foursquare product chief Alex Rainert, among many others.

Customers could buy books from Amazon, receive a digital copy, and then have the freedom to decide between reading the printed copy or the digital copy on their Kindle or other tablet. 

Considering that nearly 90% of e-book readers also read physical books, according to Pew, there’s clearly an appeal in both formats for one reason or another. 

We reached out to Amazon to see if they’re planning on doing an AutoRip-like feature for books. We will update this story if we hear back.