Amazon Australia just listed kitchen appliances, vacuum cleaners and heaters on its website

Amazon Australia site: Dyson vacuum cleaner. (Source: screenshot)

Amazon’s Australian site has just listed household items such as kitchen appliances, vacuum cleaners and heaters from big name brands.

While the front page of is still showing, as it has for many years, as a bookshop for the US parent company, it is expected to transform into a full-scale local retail outlet any day now.

Business Insider tracked down pages of products from brands like Dyson, Sunbeam and Huawei on the Australian site on Tuesday, cataloguing items like toasters, electric blankets and smartwatches.

The accidentally published pages, which did not show prices, have now been removed from public view.

The development follows the inadvertent appearance of household items under the in-house AmazonBasics label on the local site on Monday, and HP computer products last week. All those item pages have now also been removed from public view.

Australian third party merchants pay $49.95 plus GST each month to sell on Amazon, plus 6% to 15% of each item sold.

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After months of speculation, Business Insider confirmed in April that Amazon was starting a locally operated full retail operation in Australia. The first warehouse was then established in eastern Melbourne, with signs reminding new Australian staffers that it’s always “day one”.

Last Monday, hundreds of Australian retailers attended a seminar in Sydney where Amazon executives said both a third-party marketplace and an Amazon-sold catalogue would be ready to go from the start – although the exact launch date is still undisclosed.

Industry analysts have predicted Amazon Australia would start trading before November 24, which is a big sales day known in the US as Black Friday.

Similar to other non-book items found on the Australian site in recent days, there was no button to add the Sunbeam and Dyson products to the shopping cart, as they were all marked “currently unavailable”.

See some of the items listed below.

Amazon Australia site: Sunbeam toaster. (Source: screenshot)
Amazon Australia site: Dyson fan. (Source: screenshot)
Amazon Australia site: Sunbeam electric blanket. (Source: screenshot)
Amazon Australia site: Huawei smartwatch. (Source: screenshot)

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