These are the 10 most valuable brands in the world

  • Amazon edged out Apple and Google as the most valued brand in 2019, according to the latest BrandZ rankings by WPP and Kantar.
  • Technology, finance, and retail brands dominated the list. Collectively they contributed more than two-thirds of the combined $US4.7 trillion value held among the 100 highest-performing companies.
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Amazon surpassed both Apple and Google to clinch the title of world’s most valuable brand.

The e-commerce giant took the top spot in the BrandZ 100 most valuable global brands list, with an estimated value of $US315.5 billion, up 52% from the year before. The report, which was compiled by WPP and based on research conducted by Kantar, used a methodology that considered financial value, consumer perception, and brand equity. The report was released on Tuesday.

“Amazon’s phenomenal brand value growth of almost $US108 billion in the last year demonstrates how brands are now less anchored to individual categories and regions,” Doreen Wang, Kantar’s global head of BrandZ, said in a statement. “The boundaries are blurring as technology fluency allow brands, such as Amazon, Google and Alibaba, to offer a range of services across multiple consumer touchpoints.”

Technology, finance, and retail companies accounted for more than two-thirds of total brand value across the list. The study also found that luxury is one of the fastest-growing sectors, “fuelled by the shifting preferences to digital channels from Gen Y and Gen Z consumers.”

Here’s a closer look at the 10 most valuable global brands:

10. AT&T

AT&T benefited tremendously from the approval of the Time Warner acquisition, moving the company into the lucrative entertainment sector, where it now competes with the likes of Netflix and Disney.

9. McDonald’s

McDonald’s has made major digital advancements to its ordering process, including implementing in-store kiosk screens and offering preordering via its app.

8. Tencent

Tencent was among 15 Chinese brands that ranked in the top 100 this year. It was buoyed by the continued strength of its WeChat brand.

7. Alibaba

Alibaba continues to dominate the global e-commerce market, thanks in part to recent investments in technology to streamline customer service and shipping, as well as the ongoing growth of Singles’ Day.

6. Facebook

While Facebook faced widespread ire over its privacy and data-sharing policies, it still reigned supreme among social platforms. Facebook’s growth was largely driven by Instagram, which saw a 95% increase in value, doubling its 2018 performance and solidifying itself as the fastest-growing brand in the world, according to the BrandZ report.

5. Visa

Visa continues to play an integral role in pushing consumers into a “cashless society” with features such as quick-tap cards that improve checkout times.

4. Microsoft

Microsoft’s investment in advancing programs like Azure, its cloud-computing service, seems to be paying off.

“Microsoft has a legacy physical presence in many businesses that it leverages as it attempts to transition clients to the cloud,” Erik Haroldson, Kantar’s senior vice president of client leadership, wrote in the BrandZ report.

3. Google

Despite being slammed with criticism over the past year, including continued outcry over how the company responded to internal sexual-harassment allegations, Google is still the most used search platform.

2. Apple

Apple has worked to position itself “not as a device brand, but as a technology ecosystem with many branded devices and services,” Dominic Sunnebo, Kantar’s business-unit and commercial director, wrote in the BrandZ report.

In the past year, it launched three new programs: a streaming service for original content, a news subscription service, and a gaming platform called Apple Arcade.

1. Amazon

Monika Skolimowska/picture alliance via Getty Images

Amazon made major gains thanks to a savvy acquisition strategy, innovative revenue streams, and robust customer-service programs that contributed to a brand value of $US315.5 billion.

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