Amazon Android App Store Revealed

Amazon Android App StoreAmazon’s Android app store made a brief appearance this morning.

Photo: Android News

Amazon is getting close to launching its Android app store, and will sell some Android apps for less than the Google Android Marketplace, according to leaked screenshots.Android News posted the screenshots this morning after visiting the URL and finding that it was actually active and filled with 48 Android apps for sale.

Amazon has since redirected that URL to its home page, but not before Android News was able to grab screenshots.

If the prices on the screenshots are accurate, then Amazon will be selling some apps for a lot less than the official Android Market. This is similar to how Amazon discounted MP3s when it launched its music store in 2007, back when Apple was still selling every song for $0.99 on iTunes.

The store will also have at least three apps that currently aren’t available on the Android Market, including Call Of Duty: Force Recon.

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