Amazon and other sellers have run out of tampons as coronavirus fears sell out online stores

Amazon tampons out of stock
  • Amazon is out of stock of the major brands of tampons, and most of the lesser-known brands, with wait times of a week to several weeks.
  • The situation has gotten so bad that women have taken Twitter to complain and to joke about it.
  • Some stores have more stock than others, a quick look on the shelves shows. helps women find stories that are carrying stock, but even that is hit or miss.
  • Women are smart to plan ahead and be flexible on brand choice, but not to hoard, as major manufacturers like PG (makers of Tampex) say they are working around-the-clock to fill orders.
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While much attention has been paid to the country’s lack of available toilet paper, there’s another essential item that’s becoming increasingly hard to find: tampons.

Amazon is out of stock of nearly every brand and variety, especially the most popular brands. Depending on the product, Amazon is promising to deliver as soon as anywhere from 4 to 5 days from now to several weeks. Other items make no promises on the delivery date at all, but just say “currently unavailable.”

In fact, Amazon customers will likely discover that many items that are out of stock or not available via two-day shipping will reappear after April 5. As we previously reported, Amazon is not restocking non-essential items until after April 5, so its warehouse people can focus on restocking the items in highest demand. Amazon confirmed to Business Insider that tampons should fall squarely on Amazon’s essential list.

The company says that it still has a large selection of items available for two-day Prime shipping, however there are also many items that can’t be delivered that fast right now. The wait is especially long right now on most brands of toilet paper.

The tampon shortage isn’t limited to Amazon. is also out of many popular products, with restocking dates in early April, too.

Popular brand Tampex offers a tool on its website that can help shoppers locate stores with stock. However, when we tried it, we discovered it for some products it directed us to a store that was in another state from our location.

Tampons are not impossible to find on shelves of grocery stores and other retail outlets. A check of a local store in Seattle found stock on the shelves, even though that store had no toilet paper.

A spokesperson for PG (formerly known as Procter & Gamble), the maker of Tampax as well as toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, and other essential personal care products, told us that the company is working day and night to make more products while still maintaining social distancing recommendations on its factory floors.

“We have thousands of PG employees working around-the-clock to continue serving consumers, as many of our products play an important role in maintaining healthy habits and a healthy home environment, both critically important at this time. We are maximizing production and distribution capacity where possible to ensure we can get products to as many consumers as quickly as possible,” the spokesperson said. “We are taking the right steps to safeguard our workplaces through appropriate social distancing and work-from-home protocols.”

PG’s CEO David Taylor also said in a blog post that the consumer products giant is donating products to populations in need, spending on “hygiene-education” and making other contributions and has spent $US5 million on COVID-19 cash and in-kind donations so far.

Still, women are advised to plan ahead as much as they can, while not buying more than they really need. And they may need to keep an open mind about which products they will have to use. Just like other personal-care products, most women have a specific brand they prefer – but it may not be widely available for a couple of weeks.

The tampon shortage was a point of rage on Twitter:

But it has also become a source of humour – this joke from comedy writer Clare Barry already had nearly 150,000 favs as of this writing.