Amazon has launched an online booze store in Australia, setting up a challenge to local players like Dan Murphy’s and BWS

Amazon Australia is now doing alcohol deliveries (Emanuele Cremaschi, Getty Images)
  • Amazon Australia has launched a wine, beer and spirits store.
  • It stocks well known brands like Johnnie Walker and Victoria Bitter as well as smaller local brands like SOFI Spritz and Curatif Cocktails.
  • The announcement comes as demand for alcohol has grown during the coronavirus pandemic.
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You can now get alcohol on Amazon Australia.

Amazon Australia has opened a wine, beer and spirits store, adding to the list of platforms Aussies can use to purchase alcohol. It will compete with other alcohol delivery services such as Jimmy Brings and Tipple, as well as delivery options available from traditional retailers like BWS, Dan Murphy’s and Liquorland.

Amazon’s new store includes global brands like Johnnie Walker, VB and Penfolds as well as local brands like SOFI Spritz and Curatif Cocktails. Amazon Prime members can get free delivery on eligible products.

Amazon Australia Country Manager Matt Furlong said in a statement customers will be able to purchase their favourite beer or spirits alongside other products available on Amazon.

“Australian brewers, distillers and wine makers make some of the world’s best beverages from Organic Wines to Curatif Cocktails,” he said. “We’re particularly thrilled to work with local brands at launch and help them access our customers, marketing tools and logistics expertise to grow their business.”

Curatif, the cocktail-in-a-can company, is also launching its latest Curatif Plantation Rum Pineapple Daiquiri ready to serve beverage exclusively on Amazon.

“Curatif is thrilled to be in the first wave of Australian liquor companies to launch on Amazon Australia,” Curatif cofounder Matt Sanger said in a statement.

Demand for alcohol has risen during the coronavirus pandemic, with Woolworths Group telling Business Insider Australia in March that BWS had seen “elevated customer demand” during the time. Also in March, alcohol delivery service Jimmy Brings told Business Insider Australia it had a 23% rise in customer numbers compared to the same time last year.

A BWS spokesperson told Business Insider Australia via email it welcomed the competition.

“At BWS, we’re focused on offering our customers the most convenient shopping experience in our stores and online,” the spokesperson said. “We have an unparalleled network of more than 1300 stores across Australia, offering great value, localised ranges and fast home delivery.

“We welcome competition because it will help keep us at the top of our game for customers.”

Research from the Australian National University found Australians are drinking more alcohol during the coronavirus pandemic.

The consumption rate varied between men and women, with women drinking at a “substantially higher” rate while men drank at a “slightly higher” rate. According to the research, nearly 1 in 4 women who drank reported an increase in drinking during May 2020, compared to almost 1 in 5 men.

For both men and women, the main reason for the increase in alcohol consumption was more time spent at home.

“For males, a strong predictor for increased drinking was because of a loss of job or decline in working hours,” report co-author Professor Nicholas Biddle – from the ANU Centre for Social Research and Methods – said in a statement. “For females, a strong predictor for increased drinking was having a child-caring role.”

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