Amazon Adds Another 5,000 Titles To Kindle (AMZN)

Amazon’s vision for its Kindle e-reader is making “any book, ever printed, in any language available in less than 60 seconds.” While still not quite cataloguing the Library of Alexandria, the company inked an expected deal today with Simon & Schuster, a division of CBS, to add another 5,000 titles to the Kindle’s reading list.

Despite some flaws and supply problems, the Kindle has seen a respectable level of early adoption. Amazon (AMZN) CEO Jeff Bezos said at the D6 conference this week that of the roughly 125,000 titles Amazon currently offers in both print and ebook formats, 6% of sales go to the Kindle.

Also interesting: Amazon says Kindle buyers continue to buy just as many physical books as they did before, and their total Amazon book purchases increase by 2.6x. Not surprising — we assume a lot of Kindle early adopters are book enthusiasts who… buy a lot of books. And of course their total purchases are going to increase when they’re testing a newish gadget and Amazon’s the only place they can buy Kindle titles. Long term, of course, these stats could decline.

Whether the Kindle will become the “iPod of books” remains very much an open question, but additional content that can be read on the device certainly can’t hurt. Oh, and neither can the recent price drop.

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