8 fascinating ways people around the world count money

If you’ve ever thought counting money was a tedious task, think again.

YouTubers are sharing videos of the unique ways people rapidly count piles of money around the world, and viewers can’t get enough.

This video of a woman folding Chinese Yuan was uploaded to YouTube last week and it already has over 700,000 views, Buzzfeed reported. She counts her money by folding all the bills in half and then flicking them down in alternating directions.

She moves so quickly the bills seem to blur into one. Take a look:

Watching people count bills at high speeds is apparently a popular past-time in China. One woman even wowed the judges of a Chinese talent competition with her insanely quick counting skills. We have no idea if she won the competition but it seems she probably had a good shot:

China is not the only place where counting dollars looks more like an art form than a chore.

We went digging through YouTube to find examples of these methods. With the exception of the Korean technique, all of the clips are from a video uploaded by YouTuber Samimy, who attributes each style of counting to a different country or region.


Here’s a a look at how people in Korea count their bills. Don’t be confused by the bills themselves — the user notes they are using Canadian currency to demonstrate the technique, which involves bending back the cash and rapidly thumbing through the corners of each bill.

Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Iran, and India

This video shows a technique used in several Middle Eastern countries. Bills are held lengthwise in one hand, while the index finger on the other hand moves back and forth between each bill.

You can see the demonstration below:

Russia, Poland, and Mongolia

Bills are tabulated using the corners, similarly to the Korean counting style.

Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, and Turkey

In these Middle Eastern countries, bills are counted using what’s calling a “piling method.” It’s an effective practice, though not as transfixing as some of the more fast-paced techniques.

Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Kuwait

Here’s a technique where money is held close at the bottom while three fingers are used to swipe each bill down individually.


This technique involves lifting the bottoms of the bills one at a time.

Canada, England, and the United States

This one might look familiar — and a little messy.

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